architecture : strategy and design

teisseire-touton, wine storage, bordeaux, france

programme wine storage site bordeaux, france surface 1.000 m2 shon budget 2,5 M eu. year 2011-2013 phase completed client mähler-besse

position project manager period 30.08.11 - 30.08.13 team hugues touton, charlotte paranteau website

the brief
the wine broker had 9 'chais' and needed to take logistics out of the city centre. the downtown site was then to be restructured to bring together the entire management team on one floor, on top of an exhibition and reception space on the ground floor. the exterieur quality of the family domaine also needed a thorough cleanup.

the intial state of the storage building.

original interior details.

the attic.

eight generous windows towards the east, bring daylight into the office floor.

the entrance hall, and exhibition space.

the wine chai, for millisime bottles only.

the 'saint des saints' of the storage hall.

the 'saint des saints' of the storage hall.

distribution corridor of the office floor, and stairs to the meeting rooms.

reception area of the open space office

individual alcove working spaces looking onto the open space.

the meeting rooms.