architecture : strategy and design

teisseire-touton, private residence, aubeterre, france

programme private residence site aubeterre, charente (16), france surface 1.000 m2 habitable budget 2,5 M eu. year 2013 phase completed client private

position project manager period 30.07.11 - 30.07.13 team hugues touton, eddy pion, amanda roy, charlotte paranteau website

the brief
the brief asked for renovation of the residentail west wing, and the restructuration of the service east wing. the objective was to redesign the east wing for permanent residence, whereas the west wing was to be made suitable as a guest wing. also the landscape was to be remodeled and a pool and poolhouse were required.

the initial state of the west wing was of agricultural character,

auxiliairy buildings occupied the premises, such as the guards house and garages.

the top floor of the west pavilion was a drying barn.

after 2 years of building surveying, the new landscape really brings out the building's qualities in all their beauty.

the west wing has a contemporary and lively mix of classical and timeless motifs.

pride and joy of hidden technique : the elevator is hidden behind the wooden paneling, and both doors open on a single command.

the kitchen.

the study, with oak paneled cupboards.

once the drying barn, now the private suite with mezzanine.

more of the initial state of the chateau can be seen on flickr