architecture : theory and strategy

tissmix, photo collection

object photo collection subject mixed urban tissue date summer 2006 photos 8 x n pages - author christiaan weiler thanks to da hood

contrary to the emblamatic and monumental homogenity of paris' haussman avenues, the east end of the city shows a surpising variety of scales and styles, and holds many pleasant surprises.
coming to the 20th arrondissement, or a little further towards the ring-highway, one find that the typical haussman block is no longer predominant. in stead streets are made up of pre-haussman low rise buildings, unimpressive attempts to haussman inserts and quite dominant 60-is projects. the dynamics of the composition of urban space are far from monumental, but very pictorial. one can see history take shape. as a result of a non voluntary 'laissez-faire' politics, one can now find the most amazing superpositions of building types. a very hybrid identity.

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