architecture : strategy and design

rehabilitation of a passive manor, molieres, fr

programme primary residence renovation site molieres, france surface 500 m2 budget n.c. € year 2013 phase design - permit obtained client mr. vlot + mme. elenbaas team cab42 + odetec (hvac) + cube (structural)

visual impression of the futur manor in the landscape.

passive manor
the first contract was signed in 2013. the objective is the renovate and rehabilitate an existing farm manor for it to become a 'passive manor'. the layout was examined in three versions of one approach, and the intermediate solution was handed in for permits. the intentions have been agreed upon to put a maximum effort on the buildings envelop energie-performance and to reduce the investments on the hvac equipements. this follows the bioclimatic principles of the passive house label.

the imagined versions that were deliberated with the permit-services

a pool and poolhouse were designed adjacent to te garage and heating installations