architecture : strategy and design

renovation appartement, bordeaux, fr

programme primary residence (interior) site rue faussets, bordeaux, france surface 55 m2 budget n.c. € year 2011 phase design client mme. elichonodborde team cab42

for this bordeaux hyper-center appartement, the project brief asked for a simple yet effective improvement of the interior organisation. the bathroom and the kitchen had to be exchanged, and the wc had to be accessible seperately.

plan of the initial situation
the existing situation shows an illogical arrangment with the bathroom (2. and 4.) adjacent to the livingroom (5.), and the kitchen (3.) adjacent to the library (6.). (1. entrance hall, 7. balcony, bedroom accessible from library).

project proposal
I. wc accessible from the hall,
II. kitchen accessible from the livingroom and optimized,
III. bathroom accessible from the library.

detail of the kitchen layout.
the niche in the wall measures 97 cm, so in order to have sufficient workspace in front, the width of the niche is the workspace.

a section/elevation of the kitchen (b/w and colour).
the kitchen colours are suggested to remain in harmony with the adjacent livingroom. the wc is a short-stop highlight in the otherwise unilluminated entrance-hall. the bathroom is suggested in a soothing and warm blue.

the bathroom
2.8 m2 space with the essential elements spaciously disposed behind a sliding door.

the library
to allow for maximum organisation and access, this 2 x 180 cm library fills the north wall of the narrow room. it also hides the new hot water heater.