architecture : strategy and design

offices, rotterdam, nl

programme offices (interior) site rotterdam, holland surface 600 m2 budget 130.000 € year 1999 phase realised client rotterdam cultural capital 2001 team cab42 + david baars (design), da vinci (construction)

the first 15 places (to be maintainend after 2001) were organised on either side of a central corridor. this corridor is the spatial backbone delimited by sliding translucent panels. this left the working area open to occasional rearrangement. at either end of this corridor a light element was placed, so as to give depth. the ceiling is clad with the same translucent mesh, showing the amount of wiring necessary for the workstations. the reception desk is fitted with the same illumination to attract the attention.

before the organisation for the rotterdam cultural capital 2001 could get to work on preparing the event, they needed to be accomodated. the organisation was going to grow : 15 sedentary collaborators in 199, 50 in 2000, 100 in 2001. this situation required a flexible and adaptable arrangement. the budget was less flexible and adaptable, it was fixed at 215 €/m2. The mass of workspaces were accomodated with simple and effective furniture : everyone a table, a chair, a block of drawers, and plastified separative curtains. in each field of tables a focus point was added, such as an array of shopping mirrors, drawing the natural light deep into the office space.

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